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Lonely Kids Club - Ew, No Thanks Tee

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A tee that says how you feel! I particularly like the idea of people seeing a heart then walking closer and reading the words inside. Nice.

Concept by Ally Kneewhenhoven.

Art by Warwick.


Lonely Kids Club Tee's are sourced through AS Colour. They are specifically chosen because of their high quality products and transparent ethical processes. Some of the social responsibility measures LKC take include:

 - Transparency around production and promotion of fair, healthy, and safe practices.

- Partnership with The Better Cotton Initiative.

- Responsibly sourcing materials and ensuring ethical practices are maintained all through our supply chain.

All by-products of the printing process are either reused or recycled. They have removed nearly all plastic from their supply chain. Ink cartridges are reused. All of the cardboard is recycled and they work with a supplier in Western Sydney who breaks down the components of the leftover ink into environmentally friendly nutrients to enrich soil.

Lonely Kids Club invests its profits into a variety of non-for-profit welfare groups and charities. One of the biggest groups they work with is Animal Rescue Cooperative. To date they have raised over $50,000 for Animal Rescue Services in Australia.

They also raise money for broad range of charities such Headspace, Transcend Australia and The Asylum Seeker Resource Centre.