5 Ways To Make Your Perfume Last Longer

5 Ways To Make Your Perfume Last Longer

Perfume is often an investment so why not make the most of it with these 5 tips...

Quit the rub

1. Despite how much you feel the urge to rub your wrists together after spritzing your fav scent please STOP! Letting the scent naturally soak into your skin is going to hold onto that top note and leave you smelling more like the description on the box instead of just one word of it. 

Oil anyone?

2. If you are looking to invest in a new scent or switch it up consider skipping the spritz altogether and instead opting for an oil. Due to the more concentrated nature of an oil your scent is going to be much more long lasting. As with all scents it's prudent to apply to your pulse points but even more so when you are using an oil as it will be much more reactive to your bodies temperature. 

BONUS TIP - Oils are often multi-purpose meaning you are getting so much more bang for your back. Our fav Orb Oils can be used in the wash, in the bath and in a diffuser! So. Many. Ways. 

Shop Orb Oils here and smell better for longer and thank us later. 

ORB OILS - Harper - The Sensory

Know your notes people!

You might think all scents are created equal...you would be wrong though. 

If you don't want to be reapplying or, you are looking to be luxe but make it last, then try and opt for a perfume that has edible notes as opposed to floral ones. Look out for notes of honey, vanilla, chocolate anything you could eat basically. These types of scents will last considerably longer than your citrusy, florally ones will. 

If we can make a suggestion for a scent so good you could eat it, it would be Sienna Brume by Melbourne brand Mihan Aromatics. Vanilla vibes all the way here and it's like a summer in a bottle you will not regret this perfume choice! 

Hydrate before you apply

Ever wondered why perfume brands also sell body lotions and creams? Well it's not just to expand their range, it's actually because layering a lotion or a moisturising product on your skin before you apply your perfume actually makes it last longer. 

Applying perfume to hydrated skin will give it something to hold onto and let the scent soak in and do it's thing for longer. Now you also have a reason to stay on top of your moisturising routine too. Gotta love that synergy! 

Check out the range from our latest stockists Lumira and layer up with their divine body lotions that compliment the perfumes perfectly. 

Give your garments a little spritz 

You know when you put on a jumper or a top that you wore a few days ago and you get a whiff of a beautiful scent? Well that's because perfume clings a lot easier to cloth and fabric than it does to skin so as long as it's not going to mark your garments (don't spray too close up) why not give them a little spray as well.  When you pop that cardigan back on tomorrow you will be reacquainted with your perfume.  

Bonus Round...

If you are a fragrance lover, like me, but you can't justify another bottle of perfume right now then check out these new air fragrances by Mihan Aromatics. Based on their best selling scents these babies will hang pretty in your car, wardrobe or anywhere that needs a little freshen up. For only $25 this is such a great way to enter into the Mihan range on a budget. 

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