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From heartbreak to India - Bringing LOLY The Label to life

It's been a minute since we chatted with a small biz owner here on the blog, but this series is officially back! To kick off 2024 we chat with the lovely Lauren of LOLY The Label about how it all got started, inspo for the brand and her tips for creatives navigating their dreams. Fun Fact: Lauren Patching, like Somer, is a boutique owner as well, but you can keep reading to find out more about that below...

Can you tell us the story of LOLY The Label and how it came to be? Also where did the cute name come from? 

I found myself navigating heartbreak last year and couldn’t think of a better way to heal, then to jet off to a destination I felt would fuel my creativity and allow my heart to feel joy again. I landed in Sri Lanka where I lived for 3 months and began the design process of LOLY. I spent time researching different manufacturers and came across one I felt aligned with our ethos. I soon found myself on a plane to India to meet the wonderful makers and team that I ended up working closely with for a few weeks to bring my designs to life. It was important for me to meet the makers behind the garments and this experience was really special. I had travelled and lived in India throughout my 20’s and always felt a deep connection to the beautiful culture and people. 

I was extremely lucky to be a step mum to the most beautiful girl named Harlow for 5 years and the name LOLY was the nick name she gave me many years ago. Harlow and I have remained close and she’s thrilled I called the brand LOLY. My closest friends now all call me LOLY instead of Lauren which is really special to me. 

Talk us through the process of designing your gorgeous pieces, what inspires the creations?

Living in Sri Lanka allowed for me to pause, to catch my breath. This time allowed me to be inspired and tap into my creativity. I’ve always been a lover of pottery and wanted to incorporate this into my designs. It was important that my designs were simple yet unique. I sketched rough designs of each garment while in Sri Lanka and these designs evolved once I spent time in the factory in India. Samples were made which allows for any changes,  and I got to choose what fabrics I felt worked with each style. 

The design process was my favourite part in this journey. 

You are also the owner of the Brunswick Heads store "Thursday's Child" why is having a physical space important to you and what's it like running a biz in a small coastal town like Bruns? 

The store is my little baby. I opened the store 3 years ago and haven’t looked back since. Having a physical store has been vital for our brand as it provides a tangible and immersive experience for our customers. It allows our customers to touch, feel, and try on our creations, fostering a deeper connection with the brand. Running the store for 3 years has also allowed me to gain a better understanding of what trends people gravitate to, which has largely helped with the designs of each garment. 

Running a business in a coastal town adds a unique charm to our operations. The relaxed atmosphere and scenic surroundings has deeply inspired the designs, infusing them with a coastal lifestyle aesthetic. The local community become friends and it’s really beautiful to feel the support of the community daily.

thursdays child store

What are some dream goals you have for LOLY and what are you manifesting for the brand this year!? 

I have so many dreams for LOLY. This year I hope that LOLY becomes a staple piece in many peoples wardrobes.

I am manifesting that LOLY not only pushes creative boundaries but also raises awareness about responsible fashion. We plan to strengthen our online platform, reaching a wider audience and truly hope our designs are loved and worn by many. 

I am so in LOVE with the Chili Ribbed Mini Dress but I'm keen to know what your fav piece from the current collection is? 

Hmm this is a hard one, each garment is pretty special to me but if I had to choose one it would be the relaxed short sleeve shirt with embroidered detailing. This shirt was one of the first garments I envisioned and I love that it looks great with pretty much anything. 

LOLY The Label chili ribbed mini dress

Do you have any words of advice for females wanting to start their own label or business in 2024? 

I would encourage women to embrace your unique perspective, trust your instincts, and don't shy away from challenges. Surround yourself with a supportive network, seek mentorship, and continuously educate yourself about the industry. Stay resilient, adapt to change, and remember, your passion is a powerful driving force, and authenticity will resonate with your audience. 

Most importantly, believe in your capabilities and let your vision shape the narrative of your brand.

A massive thank you to the lovely Lauren, or shall we call her LOLY, for taking the time to chat with us and share her story. Don't forget to follow LOLY The Label on IG to keep up to date with what they have going on. You can shop selected styles here online (some are even on sale right now) or pop in the store to try on IRL. 

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