How to improve your iPhone video content with Tannie Rose, owner of Creative Haus

How to improve your iPhone video content with Tannie Rose, owner of Creative Haus

Content queen Tannie Rose chats with us about how she started her own media business, what she is wearing right now & her top tips for better iPhone videos! Tannie is a constant muse for us here at The Sensory and we know she will be for you too...

Hey Tannie! Thanks for joining us on the blog, can you start by telling us who you are, what you do and a fun fact about yourself? 

Hi guys! Thanks for having me. I’m Tanya, owner of Creative Haus and Creative Haus Weddings and I create video content for beautiful brands, business, public figures, luxury weddings and events. 

Hmmmm fun fact- I was a performer my whole life and was Marilyn Monroe and Catwoman at Movieworld! I also was a licensed Barbie for Mattel and I danced for the Crusty Demons and Nitro Circus!

How did your business "Creative Haus" get started? 
I started Creative Haus during Covid while I was working in social media at Bond University. I started doing a lot of reels on my personal Instagram and businesses kept asking me to do reels for them as they couldn’t do it and I realised this is a huge gap in the market! I created the business, left my job and have been busy ever since!! 
You are the content queen Tannie sooooo...Can you give us your top 3 tips for creating content with an iPhone? 

Content Queen haha thank you I’ll take that. Okay 3 top tips. 

  1. Clean your camera lens!!!!!!
  2. Use lots of body movement and different angles and motions so it’s not a static straight video 
  3. I love to use cinematic mode with the f stop turned right up to 16. It makes for a more professional looking video. 
Give us an outfit that is on repeat for you right now?

Repeat an outfit? Never, hahahah not I’m just kidding! To be honest I actually just prefer being comfortable so my preference is active wear or I love baggy tees!

What is the best and worst thing about being a full time content creator? 

Best thing about full time content creation is that I get to do what I love everyday. Never once in the past 3 years have I dreaded going to work. It also has been amazing for my personal life as a Mum working around my children. 

Most challenging thing would be I guess as any business owner not having that back up of holiday pay or sick leave. It’s a constant hustle. 

Do you have a preferred platform to create for and if so why? 
I guess I prefer instagram as most of my clients use that platform for business. I find it’s more curated/artsy/professional. TikTok I find more fun and relaxed. 
What are you most proud of since starting Creative Haus Tannie? 

I’m most proud of noticing in the past few years the comments going from “how’s your little business”, “cute little reels” , “how good is your camera” to “wow I love your work”. I can see a level of respect from clients and other peers now and it means the world. 

Where can we follow along and see what your biz and your beautiful self are up to?! 
You can follow along at @_creativehaus_ for all the things, @creativehausweddings for weddings only and my personal page @tannierose if you like fashion and random life lol.
A big thankyou to Tannie for stopping by for a chat and sharing her tips for content creation. You can shop her comfy fits online here and grab yourself a St Renais lippie for the Tannie Rose look!