Self Care & Creativity with Mother & Photographer Alexandra Davies

Self Care & Creativity with Mother & Photographer Alexandra Davies

Being a mum is all consuming & we can sometimes forget about ourselves and the small habits we created. We thought we would ask an inspiring and creative mother of two, nearly three, Alexandra Davies, for her self care tips and ideal day in the life. Enjoy the chat & the beautiful film photos. 


Hey Alexandra, thanks for sharing your time with us. Can you start by telling us the who, what and where of your lovely self? 

Of course, thank you so much for having me. I am Alex, a Naarm based, working mother of 2 with a third on the way. I've always had an affinity for documentation, particularly through photography and words. Journals, notes in phones, digital and now primarily analog cameras. I love processing observations and emotional realities into words and visually capturing moments that make me feel or think. 

Tell us about your photography style and what influences it? 

I'd describe my photography style as documentary style detail, encompassing line and shape. My professional and sporting background is heavy in anatomy and technique which predominantly influences the way I visualise and pre-empt movement. I primarily shoot on 35mm film. I love the presence analog photography brings. A single, intentional shot taken with delayed feedback rather than multiple frames taken aiming for the "right one". I love the imperfectly perfect images that result from film. The colours and grain are unmatched. 

As a busy parent what is your reset or self care practice/routine? 

During my current season of parenthood, time alone in creativity recharges my soul. Typically this involves self-portraiture as a means of self-care, experimentation and exploration in pushing ideas, concepts and the camera's capabilities. Alone in my home creates a low pressure environment and encourages play - such a rejuvenating outlet. Day to day, I take the time for small things. Applying body oil after a shower, double washing my face or rising slightly earlier than the household to savour a hot coffee and breakfast alone before the chaos of the day commences. 

Describe your perfect day for us Alexandra? 

For me it's about experience and connection - I love to feel a world away with my loved ones. It could be a day at the beach, digging pools along the shoreline with my children, swimming in the ocean and the feeling of the sun on my salty skin. Or a day walking in the bush, climbing and exploring whatever takes my children's interest. Or immersed in an installation art piece at a local gallery or a photography exhibition followed by a delicious lunch out. Of course, I'll always get the camera out at some point, attempting to freeze time and remember these seasons.

We recently sent you out some goodies from The Sensory and you took some beautiful photos. Can you tell us what your favorite product was and why? 

The BOPO Women self love set was so beautiful on so many levels. The rose petals looked so held within the viscous oil - incredibly romantic. A few drops spread so far and felt so luxurious on my skin. Oh and the scent! I felt encapsulated and lifted. Truly an experience for the senses. 

Finally, where can we find you and see more of your beautiful work? 

You can find me on Instagram @flowersthroughfences

A huge thank you to Alex for these beautiful film photos and for sharing some self care suggestions. With Mothers Day around the corner these words and photos have us all feeling the love for the women in our lives. You can shop the BOPO Women body oil range online here. Treat yourself or someone who needs it :)