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Styling Tips with Lucy Bailey

Styling Tips with Lucy Bailey

In need of some fashion inspo!? We caught up with mum and style icon, Lucy Bailey to chat must-have wardrobe items, style in your 40's & her favorite pieces from in store. Enjoy the chat and be sure to follow Lucy for a daily dose of casual style.

Hey Lucy, could you give us the who, what and where of your lovely self please?

Hi, I am Lucy, a 41 year old mum living in the suburbs of Newcastle, NSW, with my husband, daughter and our elderly poodle Pepe. I juggle a full time corporate job together with sharing my love of fashion and styling through my Instagram @carmenandmegstyle. I would love to one day be a full time stylist but right now this is my reality. Apart from spending time with my family, my other great love is shopping and curating outfits that make me happy - it is my way of expressing my creativity.

How do you describe your style in 3 words? 

Classic, trendy and relaxed

Style is something that changes so much depending on our lives. I would love to know how yours has evolved over the years? 

My style has evolved naturally over the years. I would say through my 20s and early 30s I was more experimental with my style and tended to dabble in trends a lot more. Now I like to invest in key pieces and mix in trends that I know suit me and my personal style. Being a working mum, I also feel my style has evolved into a classic and relaxed look, especially when you need to be out the door in a flash. Gone are the days of tight and fussy clothing with irritable fabrics.

What are your biggest styling tips or things you can offer readers that you follow or lean on when putting together an outfit? 

Your accessories can either make or break an outfit. Invest in the right pieces to complete your look and don’t over do it! I also have a rule of never wearing bright colours with black. Just a personal rule and one I have always stuck by. Pair your black with softer colours or your creams and greys.

You recently got some goodies from The Sensory Boutique. Can you tell us your fav from the bunch? 

Yes! This was such a beautiful package. I love a great lipstick so I would say the St Renais gloss and lipstick are on the top of the list and on repeat currently. I also love my gold jewellery so the Athena & Co, Margaux Lee and Astrid Montague pieces are well loved!

You seem to invest in quality fabrics and brands. We would love to know what your top 5 staples are for building a timeless wardrobe? 

I love to invest in classic wardrobe pieces - those items that will last trends. As we head into the cooler months, my 5 staples would include, the perfect pair of straight leg blue jeans, crisp white shirt, a blazer, white oversized tee, and a soft lightweight (oversized) knit to layer

Lastly, where can we find and follow you and all your amazing daily styling inspo?!

You can find me currently on Instagram - @carmenandmegstyle. I also have an LTK store (linked in my bio on Instagram) where you can follow along and shop a lot of my looks. 

Shop Lucy's Sensory picks by clicking the links throughout or checkout our range of St Renias Lip gloss here to get those lush Lucy lips. DM us on IG if you have any style tips or outfit picks to share. Thanks for stopping by :) 

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