Small Biz Chats - Featuring Claire From "The Latte Jar"

Small Biz Chats - Featuring Claire From "The Latte Jar"

Welcome to the first edition of "Small Biz Chats". A monthly series where we catch up with the creative and cool people behind the brands that fill the shelves of The Sensory Boutique. 

This month we caught up with Claire from "The Latte Jar" to find out how her biz began, her Xmas shopping approach, and a cheeky cocktail recipe that will defiantly be in the rotation this summer. Enjoy!

Hey Claire, can you tell us about yourself and your awesome biz? 

Hey Lucy, Well I'm a FIFO Wife and Mumma to 2 littles. We have moved around a fair bit and travelled full time for 2.5 years but now very happily settled down in the Sunshine Coast hinterland and are building our home and new Latte Jar workspace. I have been very busy creating and growing the Latte Jar for just over 2 years now.

What made you start the latte jar? Was there a particular moment you remember thinking yes, this is what I want to do!?

We were part way through the crazy covid lockdown life and I was missing going out for my iced coffees and cocktails, so I started getting creative with my drinks at home. All I was missing was a decent sized and super cute glass to make them in. After seeing the can shaped glass available in USA but unable to get them here, I decided this would be my thing. I learnt how to turn my drawings into vinyl cutouts and transferred them to the glasses. I have since changed my process and now print my drawings directly onto the glass using a UV printer. It has been quite a journey

Can you share a cheeky drinks recipe that would be perfect for the warmer months ahead? 

Sure can! I do love a good light spritzy cocktail and this recipe never disappoints.
Vodka Lychee Spritz
Add 60ml vodka, 60ml lychee syrup - I used the juice from tinned lychees, 15mls sugar syrup,15mls fresh lime juice into a Tall Jar and stir. 
Add a good amount of ice and top with soda water. Garnish with lychees.
If mocktails are more your thing, you can simply skip the vodka and it taste amazing.

We are heading into gifting season soon - what’s your approach to gift shopping Claire? Are you a last minute shopper or a planned ahead gal? 

Oh I am definitely a planner. I try and avoid the Christmas crowds and big shopping centres as much as possible. I find smaller boutiques and online stores have more unique products too!

Finally what’s on the horizon for the latte jar!?

Well.... I have kept it pretty quiet so far but I am working on some new styles of glassware for 2024!

Check out The Latte Jar on Instagram to follow along for new styles coming soon + more delish recipes! Shop the selection of jars and straws right here on the online store or come in and see them IRL!