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Kind Bod. Shower Spells

Kind Bod. Shower Spells

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Let the day melt away with our steaming Shower Spells. For an experience that will nurture the mind and body, simply sprinkle over your shower floor, and leave to work its magic. Envelop yourself in the soothing scents of carefully curated botanicals and pure essential oils


Pour the spell powder onto the shower floor, towards the edge, away from the direct stream of water. Wait 30 seconds for the fizzing to activate the aromas of pure essential oils

One even better, place the powder in a small dish, then place dish on shower niche or soap shelf, splash water on to the spell powder to activate scent release. Allow the dish to slowly collect in water. 

ZEN sleep promoting . relaxation . destress . to ease anxiety and pms symptoms

HEAL immune booster . energising . sinus relief . stimulating . antibacterial 

ELECTRIFY energising . refreshing . stimulating . invigorate . motivate

LOVE POTION love . sensual . passion . romance

SACRED SPACE grounding . tranquil . spiritual . rejuvenate

FOREST BATHING connection . clarity .  serenity .  relaxation

DREAMER Balance . calm . restore . uplift

INCLUDES powder for one showers use.

WARNING : For external, indirect use only. Not to be ingested. Not for use on skin. Keep out of reach from children. Do not use in the bath. Discontinue use if any irritation occurs.

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