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  • Gentle Habits (Body) - Body Brush - The Sensory
  • Gentle Habits (Body) - Body Brush - The Sensory
  • Gentle Habits (Body) - Body Brush - The Sensory
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The Sensory

Gentle Habits (Body) - Body Brush

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Tend to your body and invigorate your senses with The Body Brush. The ultimate addition to enhance your daily shower and bathing rituals.

For an elevated experience, use The Body Brush paired with application of Shower Ritual Oil. Or use as a dry body brush before showering or bathing for glowing, radiant skin.


Take your Body Brush and follow with circular motions starting at your ankles and finish towards your heart. Maintain a gentle, yet firm pressure.

Be mindful of the pressure you use whilst dry brushing. Bristles are stiff, gentle massage is always advised in delicate areas.

After bathing, apply a small amount of Ritual Shower Oil and massage all over your body, finishing with Ritual Body Balm to seal your enhanced experience.


Dry Brush no more than 1-2 times per week.
If you notice redness, swelling or inflammation while brushing, please stop right away.
Never dry brush over moles, warts, or raised bumps.