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Maison Matine - Dark & Stormy Candle

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Let the comforting notes of Maison Matine's Dark & Stormy scented candle envelop you. Vanilla and jasmine combine to create an enchanting and soothing atmosphere. It's the lull after the storm, the moment when everything stops and calm settles in. Hand poured in France using 100% vegetable wax, organic cotton wick. The vessel is made from French concrete and is artfully illustrated by Mathilde Purseigle. 

Olfactory family: woody, floral
Notes: pear, sandalwood, musk, Virginia cedar, eucalyptus, patchouli.

‐ 100% vegetable wax
‐ Organic cotton wick
‐ French concrete
‐ Rapeseed & coconut wax
‐ Recycled & recyclable packaging
‐ Illustration: Mathilde Purseigle
‐ Nose: Julien Plos
‐ Expertly created in Paris, France
‐ 160g