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St Renais Cristallo Lip Gloss

St Renais Cristallo Lip Gloss

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Formula: Our high shine formula is infused with olive oil and cocao butter to keep your lips hydrated

Shine: Cocoa butter imparts a glossy finish to your lips, giving you a lustrous and radiant look.

Hydration: Olive oil is known for its moisturising properties, helping to keep your lips soft and supple throughout the day.

Lasting comfort: Our lip glosses are designed to stay in place, providing lasting comfort without stickiness.

Nourishment: The infusion of olive oil and cocoa butter ensures that your lips receive the nourishment they need, preventing dryness and chapping.

Application: Utilise the fine, microfibre applicator to smoothly apply the lip gloss to both your upper and lower lips

ROME If you loved Rome Lip & Cheek tint, you'll fall in LOVE with our 'Cristallo' Rome Lipgloss. Drawing inspiration from the soft tapestry of colours found in the historic architecture of Italy, we've meticulously crafted our 'Rome' lip gloss, a nude affogato with a hint of peach offering you a piece of its timeless beauty to adorn and nourish your lips.

Origin: Zip around the eternal city
Provence : Rome, Italy
Pigment : Nude affogato with a hint of peach
Finish: Murano glass
Scent : Heavenly citrus blends

TOCCO If you adored the Tocco Lip & Cheek tint, prepare to LOVE our 'Cristallo' Tocco Lipgloss. Tocco, a quaint village nestled in Italy's hinterland, is renowned for its Sangiovese grapes. Tocco Lipgloss embraces a versatile fig hue; your go-to companion for any occasion, day or night. 

Origin: Cycling through the vineyards at dusk
Provence : Tocco, Italy
Pigment : Fig
Finish: Murano glass, Sangiovese
Scent : Heavenly citrus blends

MILAN Get ready to embrace the luxurious sensation of our 'Cristallo' Milan Lipgloss, especially if you adored the Milan Lip & Cheek tint. Milan, the intersection of fashion and history. Our Milan lipgloss was inspired by Prada’s petal pink Saffiano leather mini-bag. This Lipgloss will quickly become your daily favourite with its gentle blush hues.

Shop till you drop through the piazzas
Provence : Milan, Italy
Pigment : Blush
Finish: Murano glass, Prada Saffiano pink
Scent : Heavenly citrus blends

ACQUEDOLCI Inspired by the serene beauty of this coastal town, where crystal-clear waters meet the delight of sweet almond treats, we've crafted our 'Acquedolci' lip gloss. This exquisite shade mirrors the town's essence, featuring an almond gloss with a hint of pink, perfectly harmonising with a wide range of skin tones.

Origin: Indulge in the sweet water views from Via Marina
Provence : Acquedolci, Sicily
Pigment : Almond dolcetti
Finish: Murano glass
Scent : Heavenly citrus blends
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