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Sun Children Ceramics - Le Bag Vase

Sun Children Ceramics - Le Bag Vase

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You know when you purchase an item of clothing, maybe a bag or shoes and you love it so much but there's not enough time to wear it 24/7? I feel this all the time. I can't cook din dins with my new Margiela sunglasses on. I'll cut me bloody pinky off. But sheesh I love them so much.

Well I worked out a hack. Instead of clothing, shoes, accessories, look at buying an object that looks like one of your favourite apparel items and boom, you can look at it all night. Sheesh, I've watched 5 episodes of Love Island now and this little "Le Bag" vase hits. Inspired by Simon Porte Jacquemus's infamous "Le Chiquito" bag. 

• Stoneware, underglaze, clear gloss glaze 

• Hand built scultpure

• Each one is unique and one of a kind 

• Dishwasher and microwave safe 

• Approx 17cm (h) x 14.5cm (w) x 4.5cm (d)

• Hand made in Australia 

this is handmade and one of a kind, therefore small imperfections are unique and add character to the overall piece

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