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  • This Is Incense - Noosa - The Sensory
  • This Is Incense - Noosa - The Sensory
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The Sensory

This Is Incense - Noosa

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Aroma of Noosa, scent of Summer
This Is Incense - Noosa is an exquisite blend of natural, uplifting scents from the Australian coast. The combination of fresh citrus notes with a hint of eucalyptus and sandalwood creates a soothing atmosphere that will transport you to the beautiful beaches in Noosa. Enjoy this unique incense for your home or office space, and enjoy the calming aromas it brings! 

60 Sticks. Approx 30 hour burn time.

“All the Summer Feels”

If you love Byron you will love Noosa!

Delicate and woody with a hint of sweetness, this scent will take you to the beachside at Noosa beach.

Lemon oil, Sweet Orange oil, Lime oil, Mandarin oil, Patchouli oil and Cypress oil


Care: Always burn supervised and keep out of reach of children.